Monday, June 15, 2009


Counter to what you may think, gambling is not counter to Scripture. In fact, Scripture endorses gambling. You might think that I am off my rocker, but it is true. Scripture is loaded with examples of those who took great risks, and were rewarded for their risk. And sometimes they paid the price.... the ultimate price!

Many of the great corporations that exist today are here because someone had a vision, or a goal, and they risked all to obtain it. They took the gamble and were rewarded for it. Their other option was to just sit back and let life pass them by. They would have had a vision but would have never reached it if they hadn't reached out for it. Failure to pursue a vision is bitter later on in life. Taking the gamble can result in something great, or in failure, but not the bitter pill of failing because you never tried.

I consider myself a gambler of sorts. It was a gamble to go into business for myself. The first several months were bad. Business was really slow. With the recession coming on, I wondered what would happen. But I was pleasantly surprised. My volume of business soared. The gamble was paying off.

I trade stocks. I've been told that that is gambling, as though gambling is a bad thing. I've had my ups and downs. I now trade options which are much more volatile than stocks, so that must certainly be a gamble. I could play it safe and earn less than 2% on a CD. Is earning 2% really playing it safe, or is it foolhardy? The dollar is going down in value faster than that! Did I mention that since the first of the year my options have earned over 300%. I can live with that kind of a gamble, but I can't live with 2%. Frankly, I think that the guy who buys into the 2% is the person Jesus told about who buried his money in the ground. I believe that God expects us to put our money to work in areas where there is reasonable risk.

Do I gamble? Yes!  Do I go to the casino or buy lottery tickets? No!!! That kind of gambling is just plain stupid because everything is up to luck. I'll put my money and efforts into areas of risk that have a realistic hope of return. But I want it to be risky enough to carry the potential of a good return. The farmer farms grain for money. I want to farm money for money. 

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