Friday, December 4, 2009

The Signs are Everywhere!

As you walk through the door you are met with a host of signs. They are on little stands, they are on placards on the wall, and there is really a narrow scope of business. The signs say we have coffee, tea, cappuccino, latte, smoothies and tea. There are a few little goodies behind the glass that you may also choose from. 

So, basically, I am puzzled. I am puzzled as to how a person can stand in line for five minutes staring at all these signs and goodies and not know what they want when the get to the counter to order. They still stand and stare. They gaze at the signs. And now begins 64 questions. They order one thing, then change their minds for another. By now the line is backing up to the door. They don't seem to realize there are other people in the building. They are oblivious to what the store has to offer. They are oblivious that others actually live on this planet. In fact they are oblivious that a dozen people standing behind them are gnashing their teeth. Some of them have to get back to work. They spent their whole lunch period standing in line. Oh, she settled for a tall coffee.

This kind of person doesn't belong in a coffee shop. She thinks she a patron, but in reality others had to cut out to get back to work. That's okay, she's oblivious to that, too. Well, anyway, she makes a good story. I'm just glad she didn't bring her kids. But at least kids know what they want. But most of the times moms tell them they can't have that. Kids always get what they don't want.

What could be better than a tall coffee, black (with no room for you teenagers)? I know! a grande! For those of you over 50, a tall is a small, a grande is a medium, and a vente is a large. But if you want a small, don't go to Tully's and order a tall. Their small might be a "small" or a "regular." Perhaps it's time to standardize parts (drinks). But then, I think by now, everyone knows what a "tall" is. Who ever thought a "tall" would be a cup of coffee. That's actually a cup of coffee in a paper cup which is actually a cup-and-a-half.

Man, this coffee shop lingo is a whole new language!


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