Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Always the Road

This morning at 7:00 we left  to go to Wausau where our daughter Sonia lives. It was just getting light in Denver when we left and was just getting dark in Des Moines when we arrived there. Tomorrow we head for Wausau. Audrey did a lot of things en route, but it was my job to pay attention to the road. I guess that is what the driver does. It's OK for a while, but after awhile the road takes over your live. 

The concrete highway jiggles and bounces until the road looks like one of those scenes in the movies where they jiggle the camera. The sun makes you squint so you want to close your eyes. The fog also makes you squint to see the road. The headlights from oncoming vehicles burn your eyes. But onward you go, staring at the road. You also have to fight off sleep and distractions. At least one hand is glued to the wheel, but both eyes are glued to the road. After 10 hours of steady driving, it's time for a hotel. Thank God for the Marriott points.

Tomorrow is more of the same. Only the job will get harder with freezing rain and snow. That's why we drove the F-150 4WD instead of the thrifty little Prius. 

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