Monday, December 28, 2009

Look Out Below!

I was drinking coffee, and no, it was not Starbucks because Starbucks was too busy! Then I laid back and closed my eyes. Then I heard it..... little pieces of ice hitting the windshield. (No, I wasn't driving). I opened my eyes just in time to see this large sheet of ice blow off from the top of a semi trailer and come right straight toward my head. I saw it hit the windshield and the cracks spread like a spider's web. And just like that it was over. At least my life wasn't over.

Audrey was driving and handled it like a pro. We pulled over at the next exit to inspect the damage. I had fine shards of glass all over me, as did my seat, dashboard and floor carpet. No other damage was done to the truck and, miraculously, there was no hole all the way through the windshield. After sweeping myself off with a scraper broom, I swept off the seat and and dashboard. After this we drove much slower than the rest of the traffic because although the windshield had no hole, it was caved in. So we drove the last 400 miles slowly. But we made it home.

I do believe that God protected us and the best Christmas gift to us this year is our health and safety. And, oh, ya, the self setting clock Audrey got me for Christmas. Now when I lay awake at night I can stare at the time displayed on the ceiling.

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Amy said...

Whew! Thank God it wasn't more serious! That's scary. Glad you're okay!