Saturday, December 26, 2009

Road is Closed!

Interstate 80 is closed in Nebraska. That's what the lighted highway sign said. Then it said it again. We were almost there, what should we do? We missed a couple of hotels and we were running out of highway. Finally, we saw a sign for Cabella's. We figured there would be a hotel close by. There sure enough was! The Embassy Suites and The Courtyard Marriott were right off the Interstate. This just happened to be a convention center, and, my, my are the rooms ever nice. For $59 we got a suite with a fridge, microwave, a TV room, a king sized bed, two closets, and lots of nice furniture!
The kitchenette was handy and so were the two flat screen TVs.

Not only that, but we went down to the dining room and got delicious pizza, BLT, and Chili. We ate this while we watched our own high definition TV in our private booth!

We knew we would have to stop somewhere tonight, but the snow storm forced the closing of I80, and we landed here. A closed road opened up a very nice experience! This is one of the nicest rooms I have ever stayed in. And guess what? They serve Starbucks coffee. 

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