Friday, December 25, 2009

Pretty Fantastic

Christmas Eve 2009 was pretty fantastic. This was the first Christmas we have spent with Ron and Sonia in Wausau. Archie was excited all day! He would sit and stare under the tree at the presents. He could not wait to open the packages. All day long he begged, but the answer was always the same.... he had to wait until after dinner. Archie insisted that he wasn't hungry and didn't want any supper. So we told him gifts were only for those who ate supper.... OK, he supposed he could.

Suddenly it was gift time. Archie was appointed to be Santa Clause (self-appointed). He did a pretty good job until he got sprayed in the eye with shaving lotion (ouch!). So Archie started opening gifts: Socks?, he whined. The next gift, sox and underwear. The next gift, more clothes! Man what a disappointment. But all his disappointment changed in a moment when he opened his wii. He was excited but I had no idea what a wii, was. 

Audrey got a laughing Santa that rolls around on the floor. And I got a laughing dog that rolls around on the floor. As we watched them we all laughed and rolled around on the floor. 

Well, I'm being summoned and have to go now. I'll blog more on this later.

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