Friday, December 4, 2009

The Big Hoax

There is a really big hoax taking place around the world. This is much bigger than balloon boy. In reality it is a scam that is costing economies around the world trillions of dollars, and in the USA it will cost us millions of jobs. They used to call it global warming until the globe stopped warming and is now cooling. Now they call it climate change and they are blaming humans for changing the climate. The administration is pushing for cap and trade, which will basically make American goods non-competitive with world markets. More jobs will be lost.

The hoax is this. There is no science to back up the theory of man made climate change. In fact the science is so thin that universities have suppressed any scientific findings to the contrary. Their system has been hacked into and their suppression of true science has shown them to be a fraud. But not to worry, those of you who support their theory, they will press forward anyway because it is what they want to do, and that is more important that science. It's a hoax!

The issue is not really about global warming or climate change. The true issue is control. Our government is careening toward government control. The government wants to control wages of CEOs, they want to control your health care, they want to control auto manufacturers, they want to control the car you buy, the light bulbs you use, the windows you install, and the chips and candy you eat, not to mention your soft drinks. Like little sheep we are willingly led to the slaughter. We are deemed to be too stupid to know what is best for us. They, the government have all the answers. It's all a hoax.

If they have the answers and know what is best for us, after all the bailout money they spent, why did we still lose 10,000 more jobs last month. Our president, who doesn't seem to know anything about economics, got up and made a speech about how good that was. Try telling that to the 10,000 who lost their jobs and the employers who had to let them go. How many of you really like the change the president has brought? 

I'm telling you, this guy is not real. He will destroy our economy, our health care, our national security, and our credibility around the world. All of this is happening now.

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