Thursday, December 10, 2009

Stuck to the Shovel

Wintertime in Minnesota is always cold. Once the snow comes in November it stays through March. This is a great opportunity for winter sports such as hockey, figure skating, skiing, sledding and tobogganing. As cold as it was, we were usually out doing something. I was pretty limited to figure skating and sledding...... and..... and..... shoveling snow. Yes, there was always plenty of snow to shovel and cars to push out of the drift. 

The best way to start my 52' Chevy was to push it down the street with the door open, then when it was rolling pretty good, jump in and pop the clutch. It worked most of the time. Most of us were too cheap to buy a new battery. 

On one especially cold and frosty morning when I was about 7 I was outside pulling my little sled around (the kind with steel runners). Frost was everywhere, the tree branches and power lines were thick with frost ("one foggy Christmas eve"). Leaning against the garage was a scoop shovel with frost all up and down the handle. The thick frost seemed so delicious that I decided to lick it off. Well, I'm pretty sure that I am not the only kid that ever went into the house crying with a scoop shovel stuck to his tongue. My folks thought that was hilarious, but I was terrified. It seemed like an eternity, but I'm sure it was only a moment and my tongue was free.

Well, kids today are still licking flagpoles. This is one of the important lessons in life. Things aren't always as good as they appear on the surface. Of course, a seven-year-old only learns "don't lick the flagpole!"

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