Friday, January 1, 2010

Run Like the Wind

Running has always been one of my favorite sports. In Jr. High I tied and all school cross country record. At basic training in Fort Leonardwood, MO I was the second fastest miler in Echo Company. Even into my 40's I kept running, usually three to five miles a day. I ran 5K, 7K, and 10K races. I ran these races in 6 to 7 minute miles. My best race was the Bolder Boulder 11 years ago. At age 49 I came in 14th in my class (ages 40-49). I felt then, that the next year I would really do well the next year in my new age class.

That was not to be. The years from running on the pavement had taken it's toll on my knees. There were times I could hardly walk. I tried to come bak several times but it always led to more pain and times of heavy medication and difficulty walking. The steroid shots began, pain pills, and glucosamine. All of this just so I could walk. This led to inactivity.... which I hate. I was using 3 ibuprofin up to 4 times a day.

Well, this past week I decided to get back on the treadmill, no matter how much it hurt. I don't know what's happening for sure, but I have been putting in two miles a day at endurance level and my knees feel better than they have for years. I'm down to 2 to 4 ibuprofin per day! And I feel a lot better.

I no longer run, but do a strenuous walk that works up a heavy sweat. I'm feeling stronger each day. But I will no longer run like the wind. I am now the tortoise versus the hare.

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