Saturday, January 2, 2010


I remember the days when socks, underwear, handkerchiefs, and scarfs were normal Christmas gifts. Yes, we even ate the fruitcake back then. We also got a big bag of curly Christmas candy, peanuts, an apple and an orange when we went to our church's Christmas service. There were five of us kids so there was a lot of candy and peanuts. The apples usually got soft spots before we got around to eating them.

This Christmas I was reminded of those days when my six-year-old grandson opened some of his gifts. He had been anxious to open the gifts. He stared under the tree and begged to open them. He was so disappointed when his first gift was socks, his second gift more socks plus underwear, his third gift pajamas. In the attached photo he is very disappointed while holding up his gifts for a picture.

Fortunately, he did get some kind of space laser gun that makes noises that will drive his mother absolutely crazy. That is thanks to grandpa and grandma (us). And he also got a wii. That was driving his mother crazy the first day.... but not his dad. In fact, I think it was his dad that was driving his mother nuts.

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