Thursday, January 14, 2010

On the Roof

I have often wondered about those who build their house on top of a mountain. Why do they do it? It just seems like an awful lot of work to get home. Why would anyone do it? Well, today I got my answer.

Today I went up above Golden to do some roof repairs. A very curvy road wound up the mountain until I saw a sign that said, hidden entrance. That was the beginning of this guy's driveway. His driveway wound up the mountain for about a half-mile. This was real hairpin turns with no railing. Then I pulled up to this huge chalet with a triple car garage. I met the owner, Steve, then we went up on the roof. The sight was absolutely awesome. The road below us looked like a tiny ribbon. Downtown Denver was in the distance and looked absolutely small. The eagles were spiraling over head. And the landscape was gorgeous.

Steve explained that elk sleep in the back yard, pumas live on the next ridge, and that coyotes ate two of his dogs. He explained that the trail to the Gregory gold mine went right past his property. There was a town of 300 voters whose sole job was to assist speculators up the mountain and help them camp for the night before they moved on the gold fields. Back then Golden was.... well.... golden.

And one of the nicest parts about today's excursion up the mountain was that I found a new Starbucks.

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