Monday, November 30, 2009

It Wasn't So Hard

Most people think that this is really a hard thing to do. I disagree. I believe that it is just something that happens to you if you live long enough..... and most people do. It usually happens with a certain amount of fanfare and celebration. Then there are the snide remarks, and..... oh, the cards. And even worse. The gifts! But, in reality it isn't so hard. In fact, It can be quite fun turning 60. 

After all, You get this little bottle of prune juice, something to soak your false teeth in, and a lot of birthday cards that shows no respect for the elders. The grandkids gave me appropriate videos of Dick Van Dyke, the Three Stooges, and, oh, I forget. My wife gave me a Christmas nutcracker for my 60th birthday (what was that all about?)  Amy and Nik, the champions or all gift givers, gave me a $60 gift card to Starbucks (which I promptly forgot to use this morning) along with an insulated stainless steel cup. It's worth turning 60 after all! 

The grandkids love to draw, so I got as many as three cards from one of the grandkids. Each stating the obvious, that I am the best grandpa in the world. I think that is pretty cool.

As for the false teeth solvent. I still have my original teeth with a few crowns and glittery spots, but all in good shape. But I'll save that false teeth soaking stuff just in case I need it when I turn 70, or 80, or beyond. I'll save the prune juice, too! Just so you know, my only medication is ibuprophin for my knees. And glucosamine, also for my knees. But I want all you young guys who make fun of me to know that these old knees, hurting as they do, still go up and down on ladders and walk across roofs carrying 90 pounds of roofing. 

So to all my birthday celebration attendees who have the wicked thoughts that I am about to kick the bucket, know this: I will be around when you turn 60 and I will remember your gifts! In fact, I can hardly wait. 

Now what could be better than this: Being 60 and in good health, a good job, a great family, a nice house.... paid for, a $60 certificate to Starbucks, and the Vikings winning on your birthday! Some people have it worse, like Chicago fans.

Thanks everybody! When Audrey turns 60 I think I will get her a doll of Mrs. Clause. Actually, I really like the nutcracker (fisherman). I get one every year. Pretty soon I will have a whole army of these guys.... and I will need them because the are a lot of nuts in my family to crack.

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