Sunday, November 15, 2009

Dancing With Julia

Her dad is in South Africa, so I was asked to dance with her. That's right, me, a 60 year old guy who was forbidden to dance when I was a kid was now invited to dance with a seven-year-old. I, of course, had to accept. I was really nervous. This kid, Julia, really knows how to do the "Pug." I think that is some dance she learned how to do while playing with her "Webkins." But she is confident and she is good.

The dance I was invited to is a "Father-Daughter" school dance. Nik, her father, is in South Africa visiting his father. I, therefore, her Grandfather, was invited. Her face lit up when I said I would. 

The night of the dance I went to pick her up and take her and her mother and Cade, her brother to dinner before going to the dance. When I saw her, O man, she was so beautiful. She wore a beautiful dress with new sandals. She had a flower in her hair. Her hair was so fine! and her face just glowed. Anybody would have been proud to be seen with her. This was going to be an exciting night. The dance had a Hawaiian theme, so I wore my Hawaiian shirt that I bought when I was in Hawaii. 

So down to Red Robin we went for dinner. Red Robin must be the place where fathers take their little girls to eat before school dances because when we arrived there were Hawaiian shirts all over the place. We ordered, but Julia didn't eat much. Her mouth turned upside down and tears trickled down her cheeks. She missed her dad and she was really nervous about going to the dance without him. So what should we do? Well, there was only one thing to do! We scratched the dance and Julia and Cade came to Grampa's house to stay overnight. 

Of course, going to Grampa's house meant that the kids would see Grandma, and that's what really made them happy. Going to Grampa and Grandma's house is better than going to a dance. I did miss going to the dance with Julia, but, I have to admit that I'm glad I didn't have to try doing the "pug." Although at this stage in my life I probably look somewhat like a pug.

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