Friday, November 20, 2009

Black & White

It was as clear as black and white because that's just what it was. He was an elderly black gentleman who was wearing a pure white suit. And everyone noticed. No, not because he was black and his suit was white, but because he was standing on the corner playing the sweetest sax music I have ever heard. Kenny G had nothing over on this guy. He had talent, feeling, mood, and never missed a note. But it was what he was playing that really made people stop and listen.

I mean, people stopped and listened. As they walked out of the Westlake Center, they heard the music, sat on the concrete steps and listened. When they came out of Starbucks with their coffees, they sat down and listened. Passersby stopped, sat down and listened. The music was sweet and pure. It, too had to do with black and white.

He played songs like What a Friend We Have in Jesus, Amazing Grace, and It is Well With My Soul. The young ladies that sat to my left were there for over an hour. I know because Audrey and I sat there for a for over two hours, just listening and being ministered to, and wanting it to never end. The young lady to my left had tears streaming down her cheeks. She said to me, This is the most beautiful music I have ever heard. The music told the story of black and white. It revealed the condition of your own heart. It made you want to experience God's love and saving grace in your own life.

This event that we happened upon in downtown Seattle is perhaps one of the rememberable events in my life. I look back to it often. I think of how one man and his sax could have such a profound effect on so many people. 

The black man in white told us how he had been forbidden to be on that corner by Seattle authorities, but he was there anyway. His little American flag was by his side. He also told us that he was a prison chaplain and that he went there twice a week to minister to the prisoners. 

What impressed me the most was how he was there, all by himself...... or...... was he? I believe that God's Holy Spirit was there, and he was doing a work. A lot of people were touched, and moved. I can still see him standing there. And I can still hear the sweetness of the music. I can still see the tears flowing down the cheeks of a young lady. I can still hear the holy hush that dominated that outdoor cathedral. But most of all, I can hear the voice of the Holy Spirit asking me What will you do for the kingdom of God? Who's life will you touch? That voice haunts me even now, for I know I have not done nearly enough.

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