Sunday, November 8, 2009

Made in..... Mexico!

Ford Motor, the only American auto maker to not receive a bail out appears to be turning the corner. They made over a billion dollars their last quarter. This, of course, was aided by the cash for clunkers program. Auto sales are up 3.4% over last years. And they are making some really nice quality cars.

But the UAW is not making it easy for Ford Motor. They voted down contract amendments that would make them competitive with GM. It appears that the members of the UAW haven't learned anything from the bankruptcy of Chrysler and GM. I believe they are committing suicide with their own jobs. They haven't considered that the best selling and best quality Fords on the market are actually made in Mexico where there is no UAW. Ford motor has more capacity to build vehicles in Mexico and may now be forced to do so.

I now believe that it would be best for Ford Motor to move the bulk of its manufacturing to Mexico. The UAW must be broken so that labor in the USA can once again get back on track and be competitive in the world market. Listen guys, if you don't like competitive wages in auto manufacturing you will lose your jobs! Don't you guys understand this? To keep manufacturing jobs here you must be competitive, and you must produce quality. 

I own a 2009 F-150. So I am rooting for Ford Motor, and I am rooting for you to have a job. But I will buy another F-150 only if it is competitively priced.

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