Wednesday, November 4, 2009

It Just Keeps Coming

Everyday someone asks me how business is. I tell them that I'm doing great! Really. Revenues are up over 200% of last year's. And nearly every day I get new leads and sign new contracts. Most are amazed that I can do this during the current recession. There is a key.

First of all, I advertise to the market that I want, and I do so cheaply. These little community papers seem to work best for me. Almost everyone needs some kind of home repair. My ads appear on a weekly basis and are there every single week. Additionally, when I do an estimate I hand out my card and a brochure describing many of my services.

Secondly, I always try to save my client money by recommending less expensive repairs. The roofing company wants to sell a whole roof, I want to do repairs when it is the right thing to do. My client always appreciates this. This also applies to other types of repairs.

Thirdly, I do timely service. I don't let things drag out. When I need to I add another sub-contractor to get the job done. I always follow up to make sure the job was done completely and to my customer's satisfaction. 

Fourthly, I get a lot of repeat business. Because my company does a good job, my client calls me back when he wants something else done.

So, the work just keeps on coming.

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