Friday, July 31, 2009

Getting Well

In this down economy there are a few bright spots. One of the bright spots is energy, which I will not go into today. Other bright spots are individual stocks in various sectors.

Apple. In the last few months I have seen Apple go from $65 to $160 per share. Iphones are selling like crazy. If it is a choice between food and phones, the phones must be winning out. Steve Jobs being back at the job has also helped.

Ford Motor. Although it is still tough sledding to sell cars, Ford Motor has done an excellent job of dealing with the down economy and revamping. The quality of their cars is second only to Toyota and they offer a line of trucks that Toyota does not offer. They turned a profit the last quarter. In the last few months Ford's stock went from $1.34 to over $7.00 per share. Wish we had bought more. We still may.

Goldman Sachs. This is the jewel of the financial sector. They know how to get a return on your money. They recorded strong profits while other financial institutions were still recording losses. Love them or hate them, they are still the best at what they do. Their stock bottomed at $47 and is now at $162 per share. They have no negative ratings that I know of. What was I thinking, to not buy this when it was low?

Those who hate Exxon Mobile can now jump for joy because they turned in 36% lower profits than last year. But I remind you, it was still profits when many others were taking losses. If you really want to spite them, buy their stock because it is as low as it is going to get. Oh, wait, if you have a 401K invested in mutual funds there is a good chance you already own some XOM. Thank goodness because you IRA could have been worse without them.

Gee, this coffee is good!

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