Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Seattle, Day Three

My Third Day in Seattle was pretty cool. Of course, It started at Starbucks for a sandwich and coffee. Then it was off to see Tracy's wine tasting room. But before we got there I ran out of coffee, so it was off to Mc Donald's to get another cup. Then to the wine tasting room. 

Tracy is running a pretty good business and her wine tasting room is pretty cool. She runs a little store there as well. If you ever have a chance, it would be well worth your while to visit. I wish Tracy the best.

Then it was back to the W, then off to Puyallup to see the in-laws. Lots and lots of in-laws. Pretty nice bunch of people. I knew a few of them. Emphasis is on few. Many of them talked to me. Some of them even hugged me. The more mixed drinks they got, the more hugs I got. One lady, who had a few, and I de-emphasize few, gave me a big hug, said it was good to see me, then asked me who I was. Well, that was cool. I hugged her back and said it was good to see her, too.

The meal was great. The chicken was especially good. Audrey felt guilty eating it because she didn't bring anything to contribute. I didn't feel guilty at all. 

Then it was back to our hotel. We searched for food later that evening. We walked until our feet hurt. We finally ordered in a highly recommended greasy pizza. I had heart-burn pills along, so that was no problem. Then it was off to bed to we could get up at 4:00 AM to catch our flight to Denver. 

Everything went smoothly until we landed early in Denver. We had to wait a half hour to go to the gate. Of course the seat belt sign was on and I had to pee..... bad! So I had to break the seat belt rule and use the toilet. We finally made it to the gate, but nobody showed up to open the door. The flight attendant lost her cool and started pounding on the door and yelled, "Open the damned door!" Then she made a nasty phone call. Can't say that I blame her. No more coffee for me on the airplane, even though it is Starbucks. 

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