Thursday, July 16, 2009

Quite a Day

Yesterday was quite a day! It began with at 7:00 AM appointment in Golden that took place at 6:50.  From there I repaired garage rafters and installed sheetrock at the ceiling in Arvada. After that I installed a garage service door in Westminster. Then it was up into the foothills in Genesee to move heavy furniture from a basement to the upstairs. I wanted to go home then, but there was more to do. I headed back to Thornton to buy stain for a deck we are doing in Golden. After that I had to go check out a ladies leaking plumbing in Thornton. It was 9:00 PM by the time I warpped things up.

When I was in Genesee, I mentioned to my client that I hoped that Goldman Sachs went up in the stock market. It did! I made 23% on my investment yesterday.

I was rewarded by being able to watch the news, weather, and spo........ I guess I don't remember watching the sports. Sorry Drew. It was off to bed at 10:35 and awake again at 3:00 AM. That's the usual time my legs start aching.

The Starbucks coffee this morning is really good. I'm in Golden delivering the stain. Then it is off to Arvada and Westminster for two drywall repair jobs. At one job it looks like someone got mad. At the other job the dog chewed about 10 holes in the drywall. (I still don't know why people own dogs!)

Ya, dogs! You gotta walk them, pick up their poop, give them shots, take them to the vet, vacuum up their hair, feed them and deworm them. All this so you can pet them. Then they reward you by pooping on your lawn and chewing holes in your drywall. Is their something in drywall that they like?

Our dog doesn't poop, eat, shed hair, or chew my walls. His name is Spot. He just sits on our soffit and stares at us. I love Spot. Thank you Spot for being such a good dog.

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