Friday, July 3, 2009

The Grandkids

We have two of our grandkids staying with us for a while, Tori and Amber. Tori is with us for about five weeks and her time with us is over half over. Amber has been with us for nearly a week and she goes home tomorrow. It has been a real joy having them with us. Tori is 13 and Amber is 10, but they get along like sisters..... er..... a.... better than sisters. 

Has this been totally convenient for us, well, dahhhh! No. But it has been great having them stay with us. They have totally behaved! Well, almost totally. They make their bed, keep their room clean, and mind their grandparents almost without incident. 

They swim together, read together, watch videos together, bike together, scooter together, play computer games together, and other things together. They also go shopping with Grandma. They go to Mc Donald's, Sonic, Starbuck's, Borders, Barnes and Noble, Sam's, and other places with Grandpa and Grandma. 

Ya, they even go to coffee with us so long as they can look at books while we are there. Cool. We can handle that. This experience has been totally positive. We're hoping that they will take care of us in our old age and decrepit years. We hope they have just as much fun then.

Well, I gotta finish my coffee now. I'll visit with you later.

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