Friday, July 24, 2009

Seattle, The City of Coffee

Today Audrey and I flew to Seattle. Down town Seattle is one of my favorite cities. It's pretty, it's clean, there's lots to do, and there are dozens and dozens of coffee shops. There is also the Pike Place Fish Market with hundreds of interesting shops. 

The trip to the airport was smooth, check in was smooth, loading was smooth, the flight was smooth, the landing was smooth, getting the rental car went smoothly, hotel check in was smooth, meeting Audrey's friend was smooth, everything was smooth. Tonight I celebrated by getting a raspberry smoothie. It was smooth....... except for the tiny pips.

This morning we met Audrey's friend, Judy, for tea and crumpets at the Crumpet Shop. Delicious crumpets and great tea. Then we went to the  Market Spice shop to buy some tea. We walked the fish market until we came to Cutter's, a seafood place on the Sound. Great food. Later we went to Starbucks Coffee for coffee. Then we were off to the Westlake Center to shop. It was there I couldn't resist the smoothie. Tonight I am sitting at a corner window watching the city and blogging.

Tomorrow a huge parade will march buy our hotel just below our window. It should be a good view. But, of course, we will start our day at Starbucks...... just across the street. It opens at 5:30 AM. 

Cell phones, you gotta love them! Today I picked up a nice contract because I was available by phone. I get to vacation and run my business. Cool!

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