Sunday, July 26, 2009

Seattle, Day Two

Our second day in Seattle was cool. We are staying at the W right down town just five blocks from the West Lake Center and Six blocks from the Pikes Place Market. "Yea ho, yea ho (then throw the rubber fish).  The Crumpet Shop is a favorite place. You can get your crumpet and choose your tea. But you have to go up for refills of coffee. My Crumpet Shop would include choices in coffee as well. 

We met Susan and Jeri at the fish market. We ate lunch together and Audrey went off with the girls and I went off by myself to take some pictures, then back to the hotel to rest my feet (actually my knees). Then we went to Cutters, a highly recommended sea food place which is on the Sound. (I told Jeri that I could see the sound from hotel room, but she didn't think I could really see sound). Anyway, we had reservations at five and we arrived at 4:59 - plenty of time. We got great seating. Everything went smoothly. Audrey bit into some hot green mustard, Susan got the wrong meal, my medium well burger came medium rare and the guest ticket came all screwed up. At least after all this time of not seeing each other we had something to talk about. All-in-all it was a great time so we all tipped the guy. Cool.

Susan and Jeri left for Kirkland and Audrey and I walked up to our room at the W. We have this gorgeous corner room on the 7th floor that faces 4th Avenue and Seneca Street. The Seafair Festival Parade marched by right below us...... all two hours and fifteen minutes of it. The streets were lines with people for a couple of miles at least. Bleachers were set up at the West Lake Center. People had their lawn chairs out at 7:00 AM, and were guarding their goods. The parade began at 8:00 PM. That's 9:00 PM for those of you in Denver. And the parade was.... well .......OK. Really long but just OK. I was falling asleep at the end of the parade.

Today it is off to Puyallup for the family reunion. I hardly know anyone, but it should be a great time. 

After I upload some pictures I'll include some of those.

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