Monday, October 26, 2009


Ron is a drug addict. So is his girlfriend (common law). Noel took Ron under his wing and provided work and encouragement. He invited him to church. Now he and his girlfriend attend. Recently Ron went with us on our missions trip to Navajo Station in Arizona. 

Ron rode down and back with me. He shared with me his background of drug addiction, trouble with the law, and homelessness. For an entire winter he and his brother lived in a car. Other times he slept on the street with his girlfriend. They hustled people for money to buy drugs. Ron spent time in prison, got out on parole, left the state with his girlfriend and ended up on the streets in Denver.

Prior to the church service on Friday night, Janette and myself shared Jesus with Ron, and he accepted Christ as his Savior. It was the beginning of a new life for Ron. All the way home from Arizona Ron asked about what it meant to be a Christian. He said that he sensed the new life within him. He and his girlfriend want to serve the Lord and have a new life.

When Ron got home from Arizona, he discovered that someone had broken into his car and stole some things. A couple days later his land lord evicted him. Ron was homeless again and pretty shook up. I met him outside the church Sunday morning when he told me what had happened. Janette, our missions pastor; Noel, his friend; and myself helped Ron in this time of need. Before nighttime Ron had a new apartment. Janette had found it for him. Others donated to help him finance it.

Ron needs a lot of prayer and encouragement. He's been clean from drugs for over 200 days now. But like an alcoholic, it takes only one fix to put him right back where he was. Except he won't be back all the way because there are others helping and praying. By God's grace, Ron will make it.

In the photo above, our missions pastor - Janette is ministering to Ron.

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