Monday, October 19, 2009

Navajo II

Well, I am home now. It was a long drive from Ganado, AZ to Denver. 601 miles. We left there at noon and got here at 9:30. Sally (my GPS) led us all the way. I'm in love with Sally. The trip was well worth it.

Our church provided and installed a $8,000 generator that we were able to purchase for $1500. It had very few hours on it. Now the church at Navaho Station, only has to flick a switch and the generator starts and runs on propane. We also finished wiring their house so that it now has electricity. We tiled the floor in their kitchen and dining room area and installed the Hardie backer in the two bathrooms. We also finished installing their drywall, however we did not finish the texture. We left the materials for them to finish, and they do have a couple of men who can do that. 

Then we provided what they call "Revival Meetings." I spoke one night and Janette our missions pastor spoke the next. The congregation is very small, but the meetings went well. Their Associate Pastor, Jed Silversmith, spoke Sunday morning.

We plan to go down again next year. If the drywall texture isn't finished we will do that. The next big project there is getting water up to the parsonage. We need to run a line 200 feet and install a septic system. Doors, cabinets, fixtures, carpet, and trims all need to be done as well. Also, the parsonage needs a heating system installed.

We had 24 team members, and all but one worked. But then we don't expect kids in diapers to work. It was a great team and we are looking forward to next year. I want to thank Janette Mikatich, who served as our chaplin, Noel Bennett, who headed up the drywall project and the installation of the generator; Derek, who headed up the tiling; Jerry Street, who headed up the music; His wife who was the head cook; and the Silversmiths, who allowed us to come. And a special thanks to Samuel, who memorized my sermon.

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