Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Getting Ready to Go

Here I go again! Another missions trip! This time it is to Arizona. A group of us from our church will be working on a new parsonage for the Navajo near Chinle, (NW AZ). This will be quite an experience. They have no running water and no power. We have to bring in our own. Some of our group will be staying in a dormitory in a nearby town. I and a couple of others will be staying at the Holiday Inn, in Chinle - about 45 minutes from the work site.

Did I mention that the road is rustic. Very rustic. Very, very rustic. And it is not well marked. So I have our contact down there placing orange flags at all of the turns. You can't see the turn off road from the the main road, and there is no sign. If it rains, my 4WD will be required. We are able to buy supplies at Gallup, NM, an hour-and-a-half away. One of our volunteers has to go to the doctor each day, also in Gallup. 

We will caravan down from Westminster. That should be fun. We have a van with a family of 12 (or is it 14) and they are pulling a large pop-up camper. We have a truck pulling a utility trailer loaded down with materials. There is one other car, then my truck loaded with materials and tools. I can imagine we will need to stop at every gas station and rest area. Someone will always have to go (if you know what I mean). 

Somehow they found out that once upon a time I was a preacher. Now I have to preach for them one night while down there. Maybe I'll get a sore throat and will have to pass. Lucky them. Secretly, I am looking forward to it.

We will be finishing their sheetrock and their tile. We will also be ditching for electricity which will come from a generator we are donating. The house is pre-wired, we will hook up the electricity. We may also build a deck. 

We will definitely need your payers. I will miss my Starbucks. Please pray for good coffee and great success on the project.

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