Sunday, October 11, 2009


Bronco-mania has returned to Denver. Step aside John Elway. There is a new generation of Broncos fans that like the new blood, and the new blood is doing very well. And, did I mention, step way aside Shanahan? The genius you were, you didn't improve the team from the day you arrived. You rode to the Super Bowl on the coat tails of Dan Reeves, who already had a great team in place.

Now we have this new guy, Josh Mc Daniels. Mc Daniels is a rookie, but a good rookie. He learned from the best, and today in his first contest against the best, he beat the best. He let Cutler go (I had a hard time thinking of his name) and hired Kyle Orton. Orton is stingy with the turnovers and is an accurate passer. And, boy, that defense! Pretty stingy. 

So now, all those people who thought the Broncos were going to be a bust are getting back on the band wagon. I'm sure the big Northeastern media will find excuses for the Patriots' loss and will downplay the Denver victory. But who cares? At the end of the day all that is important is, who wins. So far that has been Denver.

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