Saturday, October 17, 2009


Yahteh! That is "Hi!" in Navajo.  

Right now I am sipping something less than Starbucks in Chinle, AZ. My work site is 55 minutes to the south where there is no phone service, water, or electricity. My GPS (Sally) can find the way out, but not the way in. So why am I here? Why does anyone live here? But live here they do.

Our purpose for being here is to help them finish the parsonage and to set up a new generator system that work off from liquid propane. We are also electrifying the house and fixing gas leaks in their gas line. A couple of our workers are tiling floors, a couple are working on drywall, a couple more are setting up the electric panel and a whole bunch dug 100 feet worth of ditch in hard clay. We buried electric and gas lines. Thank god that last phase is finished. Even the children were digging, and had good attitudes about it - they wanted to help. Their mother had them take turns scooping out 5 shovelfuls at a time. 

I gave the sermon last night. But just before I "preached" the pastor nudged me and asked me to go out to the power house. we had to fill this generator with gas while it was still running. The gas tanks was jiggling and the exhaust was red hot. I thought I was going to see jesus real soon. After I preached, the pastor nudged me again and asked if I would go fill the generator again. I took two associates with me. I was determined I wasn't going to die along. The guy who poured the gas in had shaking hands. The guy holding the funnel just plain closed his eyes. The guy holding the gas cap dropped it down on the red hot exhaust. There really is a god, else this might be my obituary.

This morning my coffee does taste good.

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