Friday, October 30, 2009

I Finally Broke Down....

That's right! After all these years I finally broke down. I am almost 60 you know. I know, I know.... a lot of good years left in me. But when it comes to the snow, I broke down this week. We have lived in Denver for nearly 13 years and have always shoveled our snow. Of course, the snow is usually light. The problem is..... I widened the driveway, I shovel the curb sidewalk to the neighbor on my left..... and to my right, and I keep shoveling it all the way down to the community mailbox. Add to this, I have sidewalks on both sides of my house, the back of the house, and all the way down to the shed. On top of this I have this huge uncovered deck that always doubles in snow accumulation. I always thought I was fit enough to shovel. But with this snow storm being so early in the year, I finally broke down. Yes, Sir! I broke down and..... and..... bought a snow blower!

This is expensive, but this is good!  In only 30 minutes I cleaned out our driveway, and the walkway in front of both neighbors and all the way down to the mailbox. And I did one of my neighbor's driveway. Did you get that? Now I'm doing my neighbor's driveway! Is that to assuage my guilt for spending too much? Or, is it because my neighbors still have to shovel by hand? 

Did I tell you that I have a motorized lawn edger? Ya, you guessed it! I edge in front of my neighbors as well. The problem is..... I think they have come to expect it. About once a year they wave at me and say thanks. That's OK, I will keep mowing part of my neighbors lawn anyway. I wonder what else I can buy and do to make my neighbor's lives easier.

Any suggestions? I may or may not break down. Ha!

This mornings Starbucks is really good.

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