Friday, January 2, 2009

Shares Going Up

Energy and steel shares are going up. Many of the energy shares went up from 5% to 11% today. Analysts are upgrading energy shares. The conflict in the Mid-East is influencing these shares as well. Halliburton, Noble Corp., McDermit International, Shlumberger, Pioneer Drilling, all have been on the rise lately. Mc Dermit and Pioneer are nicely priced. So is Weatherford International. BJ Services is also another great buy. 

AK Steel and Gerdau American Steel both went up by 11% today. Gerdau (GNA) has increased 67% for me in the past three weeks. US Steel had risen over 100% in the past six weeks. 

I am excited about the markets potential. Many stocks are still near their lows but will soon rise. Especially energy stocks that will rise with world conflict and the forthcoming spring when oil prices usually go up. Now is the time to position yourself. Margin accounts will do better. The Dow Jones closed over 9,000 today. The market is a lot less volatile than over the past sever months. 

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