Monday, January 19, 2009

Broadus IV, Solving the Skunk

Having a family of skunks live under our house was a little unnerving. I knew it was a family because I saw them out and about at night. Two large skunks and three little ones. I don't know if the cat got any of them or not. But we did worry about another cat getting under our house and having another episode of the skunk smells.

So I called our landlord, Mr. Rogers, and explained to him that we had a family of skunks living in the crawl space of the house, and they kind of stunk up the place. Mr. Rogers said, "I've got something that will help get rid of them, I'll bring it in tomorrow." So the next day Mr. Rogers showed up with a 4-10 gage single shot shotgun, you know, the kind where the barrel breaks away from the stock. He said, "Do you know how to use one of these?" Fortunately, I did. (Hunting with my dad and military training did have some value) Mr. Rogers also handed me six shotgun shells. Five skunks, six shells, that should be enough. 

So for the next several nights I stood by the back door to watch for them to come out. That's where they burrowed in, next to the back door. My plan was to see them come out, flip the back light on, step out of the house and open fire. The first and second nights went well. I shot one adult and one kitten (baby). I buried them in the field next to the house and they didn't smell. 

The third night was a little complicated. I saw them come out of their den under our house, run alongside the house and head for the highway. So I grabbed the shotgun and quickly followed. These little critters can really run. I chased them out to the highway and then along US Highway 212 to the south east. I chased them for a couple of blocks when suddenly the adult stopped, turned around, aimed it's tail straight at me. Luckily, I was out of it's range. I pulled up with the shotgun, but it was too dark to see clearly. But I fired anyway. I missed. Now the skunk chased me back to the house. I must have looked like a fool running lickity-split with a skunk on my heels  and a shotgun in my hand. Well, I made it to the house with no special perfume on me.

Two nights later I shot her and buried her in the field with the rest of her family. I didn't put any crosses up either. I had no shotgun shells left. This chapter of our lives was over. Well, maybe not quite over. I have to tell you about Easter Sunday...... next time.

Enjoy your coffee and stay away from the skunks.

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