Sunday, January 4, 2009

Coffee at Home

My daughter, Amy, and her husband, Nik, gave me a French Press coffee maker for Christmas. It makes really good, rich coffee. Come on over sometime and I will make you some. This is every bit as good as Starbucks' if not better. 

Time to buy.  For the first time analysts are encouraging people to invest in stocks once again. They are really cheap, especially energy stocks. As the market slowly rises most stocks will also rise. Right now there is very little down side potential and a lot of up-side potential. Buy the right stocks and you still may be able to retire early. 

Cade Kesic thinks that the pastor of our church, Dr. Stanley Reeder, is cool. He and pastor Reeder had about a five minute conversation in the foyer of our church Saturday evening. And, do you know what? Pastor Reeder is cool. And..... so is Cade.

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