Friday, January 16, 2009

French Press

My daughter, Amy, and her husband, Nik, gave me a French coffee press for Christmas. All I can say is that it makes fantastic coffee. I make and enjoy two pots a day. It makes even bad coffee taste good. And only once did I get a bit jittery due to too much coffee. Maybe Nik will drink my coffee now. 

This morning I am at Starbucks waiting to go out to a job to install a fireplace door. These doors, custom made, are expensive. $800 and up. I sure hope it fits properly and that I don't scratch it during the install. (Prayers going up to God)

Today, the stock market will bounce back a ways. $350 billion from the government will do that. Included is a $20 billion guarantee to Bank of America. Citigroup is splitting itself up. We split from their stock. Yesterday, Exxon Mobil lifted the Dow Jones Average. Chevron followed. Conoco Phillips did not. Maybe today.

Stocks are cheap once again. A buy yesterday or early this morning will bring yields today. Oil is at $35.00 per barrel. Do you think it will go lower before going back up? With oil prices this low, gasoline should go down again, but it might not due to anticipated crude oil prices increases. With gas at $1.50 per gallon, I say, let the gas station owners make a little for a little while. I sure don't want to pay for a bail out for them, too. Ha!

Tonight we have a special dinner with our granddaughter, Amber. She's 10. She wants to go to Chillis and not McDonalds. There is a merciful God in heaven! Anyway, we're looking forward to this.  But, do you know what? The other two grandkids that live close by are going to insist on their turn, too. May God extend His mercy. It's not that I don't want McDonalds to survive, it's just that I want to survive.

This summer our granddaughter, Tori, who lives in Michigan, is going to fly in for a visit. I think the number one thing that she wants is a camp out with Amber and grandpa, and...... and...... grandma. Ya, I think our tent will hold the four of us. But, don't anyone say the word "bear" or grandma will be sleeping in the Sequoia. 

Well, I'm done rambling. 

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