Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Big Hike

I went on a big hike with my friend, Cory Buckman, on Saturday. The intention was to do two peaks in one day, both of them fourteeners. For those of you outside of Colorado a fourteener is a mountain that has a 14,000 summit. Our selection was Grays Peak and Torey's Peak. I was up there twice before and knew it would be an arduous hike.

The hike turned out to be longer than we thought it would be as we had to park three-quarters of a mile downhill from the trail head. I'm not sure what happened since 5 years ago, but I think I lost a little spring in my step. One thing I do know is that my knees hurt a lot more this time up than last time. They hurt even worse on the way down. Not too bad, though. Only like knives stabbing me under the knee cap on each step. But all-in-all it was a great experience.

One thing we failed to do was make the final push up to the summit. For me it was a question of whether I would walk down the mountain. Gotta get those knees fixed before Obama says I'm too old.

Cory was like an old horse headed for the barn after a hard day's work. The closer we got to the truck the faster he walked. I hobbled along pretty good keeping up with him. After my next cortisone shot I think I will try it again.

Also, today I am in Estes Park, Colorado. This is a beautiful place and a nice place to get out of the heat. I'm in the loft of a cute little coffee and stationary shop looking out the window at the mountains. I have the entire loft all to myself, which is good for me, but bad for business. They also have the nicest easy listening music playing. I don't have the photos ready of the hike, but I have attched some photos of Estes Park. I

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