Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Luke 4:42 says: "at daybreak Jesus went out to a solitary place."

There is a lot of commotion and noise in this world. One of my least favorite places to be is at a noisy restaurant where they have the music cranked up and everyone has to talk over the music. I usually just sit there being oppressed by the music and pretending to hear the people I am conversing with. Crowded pot luck dinners at church are about the same. When I turn on my car radio and the music is blaring... I shut it off. I don't like loud TV commercials. Sorry, Harley Davidson fans, but I don't like your loud motorcycle either. I feel really sorry for the mom who has three or four kids at home. Her husband is probably sitting in some quiet office. I don't mind a jet or two that flies over my house, but I do mind an onslaught of jets. I don't like riding in a noisy car while riding in a quiet car is a pleasure. I don't like fishing at a stream where a constant flow of cars and semis are going by. I think you get the picture.

Just like all the noise in our lives, the busyness of our lives can also be distracting. The constant bombardment of new challenges, answering questions, being here, and being there can sometimes be overbearing. A hectic daily schedule and just wear you down.

Jesus was just doing his job.... teaching and healing people and casting out demons. Sounds like a fun job to me. He made a lot of friends..... and.... a lot of enemies. He held several types of classes: Classes for His disciples, classes for the common people, classes for the religious leaders. He also spent a certain amount of time hiding out and fleeing for his life. Yes, His schedule was pretty hectic and with the crowds around Him there was a lot of noise.

So what did He do? He found a place where He could be alone, away from all the hub-bub. There He prayed and meditated and got himself recharged for life. Idiots like me would probable have a lot fewer problems in life if we would follow Jesus example. We would get our batteries recharged in prayer, learn from God's Word, and bask in the quietness before we go out and meet all the challenges and live in the duties and noises of this world.

This is why I value my early mornings. This is where I find my strength for the day. Even at Starbucks where they have quiet music, and a private table, I can read and meditate alone. A good Book, good music, good coffee, in a good atmosphere. I am usually ready for the day.

May God bless you with His presence and His Word.

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