Friday, August 13, 2010

In Defense

My Mother-In-law, whom I loved very much passed away a few days ago. Last night was the family service and today was the funeral. My wife, Audrey, sat by her bedside as she drew her last breath. She went from pain to peace in an instant. Her sorrow and suffering were over. She had an appointment with God, as we all do. And she is now absent from this earthly body and is in the presence of the Lord.

Viola evidently had a reputation for speaking her mind and not many people escaped her thoughts spoken out loud. I loved Viola and I knew she loved me back because she told me so and I know she wouldn't have said it if she didn't mean it. She was one of my visits when I took my annual fall tour. I'll never forget the day that I first showed up with a beard. I had always been clean shaven until this time. When I first walked through the door she pointed at me and said, "I don't like your beard!" I knew she meant it, too. The next time I visited her I still had the beard. She said, "I still don't like your beard!"

Viola was that way with a lot of people and that is what was shared at the family service. It seemed to be a common theme. Although the stories were a little humorous, I began to think that maybe Viola was getting a bad rap. Well, a sorta bad rap anyway. It must be remembered that Viola had ten children over a period of 22 years or so, with the last child leaving home 18 years after that. So for about 40 years Viola had kids at home. I think that would make anyone a little testy at times. It might even make a mother a little bossy. But after all, isn't she really the boss?

Well, folks, the era of Viola Sinness is over. I have no sorrow for her at her passing. I do have a little sorrow for myself. I will definitely miss hearing her say that she doesn't like my beard. She was honest and I value that.

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larsan said...

So sorry for you loss. Such a lovely tribute to your Mom-in-law.