Wednesday, July 28, 2010

New Hope

In the midst of the worst trials of life there is hope and refreshing in reading about the birth of Christ. The Gospel of Luke contains my favorite account of this. This account tells of the conception and birth of John the Baptist who was filled with the Holy Spirit from his birth. John was born to Elizabeth and Zachariah. And this was when they had no hope for children because they were in their old age. Yet, against all hope Elizabeth conceived and gave birth to a son who would be the forerunner to Jesus Christ. Luke records Elizabeth's song which is a song of joy. Then, later, Zachariah's song.

But Mary, the mother of Jesus, also had a song of her own, rejoicing that she would be the mother of her Savior.

When I was dealing with a very heavy burden today, I read this account of the conception and birth of Christ. In this account I found hope and peace. I was reminded once again that no matter how badly I have screwed things up and how badly I hurt, that a Savior was born for me, and that I can bow at the cross and find cleansing and relief. So even in my darkest moments I can find a song to sing.

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inri said...

I am comforted by the words in His book. I have also found comfort on the internet when I connect with old friends on facebook and other social media and find out they are going through the same thing I am, or worse. Now, I am not glad that others have problems, but I am glad in knowing I am not alone. God is good and we are only here a little while. You other believers out there, I just want you to know I love and support you, after all, we will be together for a very long time in the next life. We are all family, we all have flaws, thankfully Jesus does not have flaws and He still loves us.