Monday, December 8, 2008

New Coffee Mug

I'm enjoying coffee out of my new mug that I purchased at the Hubbell Trading Post near Chinle, Arizona. This is a must visit. The cup has indian artwork on it and looks like an upside down cup. But it is true to the ancient indian population 800 years ago. The coffee tastes about the same.

Also at the trading post they had blankets that a local indian was weaving out of wool she had processed herself. Beautiful intricate work. One blanket was being sold for $15,000. This is not a misprint. Others were offered for $6500. A small one about 2'x3' was being offered for $1600. The indian woman doing the weaving said that it takes about 5 months to weave a 4'x6' blanket. She was there weaving as a demonstration. So if you ever find and indian blanket for $24.95, it was probably made in China and is being sold at WalMart.

It was a very enjoyable trip. The whole route was very scenic, especially driving from Chinle up through Moab. This was my first time in Utah. I believe I will go back for another visit. Sally, my GPS was really good and kept us from getting lost. Everybody with me liked Sally. Aunt Jane was helpful but a little aggravating. Aunt Jane is the second voice on the GPS that sternly tells us the name of the road we are to turn onto. 

I never saw a single Starbucks until we got back as far as Frisco. It must drive these people insane to be so destitute. Gas station coffee just isn't the same. But gas station coffee did keep me wide awake and going down the straight and sometimes narrow highway. We drove 200 miles to Moab to eat at a certain restaurant that someone remembered, only to find it closed for the season. We had to settle for Denny's

I'll tell you more in future blogs.

Don't let your coffee get cold.

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