Saturday, December 27, 2008

Coffee at Holiday Inn

Yah, the title is correct. I'm having breakfast at the Holiday Inn at Devil's Lake, North Dakota. I don't use the abbreviation for North Dakota (ND) because most people wouldn't know what I'm talking about. I've talked to lots of people who didn't know where North Dakota is. Some didn't even know it was a state. It's a good thing that there are no minimum population requirements to be a state. If there were, all of North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Wyoming and possibly Idaho, Utah and Alaska would not be states. The USA wouldn't have much land mass left. 

But the coffee here is good, really good. Columbian Roast. And...... they serve it 24-7. Styrofoam cups and lids make it handy for "on the go."  Another reason this coffee is good, is because I am actually drinking some.  I mean, I could be in some ditch along highway 281 or some morgue close by.  As I endeavored to pass a pickup truck going slowly, pulling a trailer, I started to spin out along side him. I mean, the back end of the Sequoia was trying to catch up to the front end. We were only going about 65 mph. But 65 seems pretty fast when you are fishtailing on the wrong side of the highway along side a truck. And, oh, did I mention that another car was coming the other way about a half mile ahead. We were a little surprised because the highway didn't seem or look icy until I gunned the engine. So, after a little fishtailing, I brought the Sequoia under control and finished passing with room to spare. The amazing thing is that I didn't feel any fear until it was over. I promptly put the Sequoia in 4WD for better traction. Enough of that fishtailing stuff. Audrey handled this like a pro..... she didn't yell at me even once. So, yah, the coffee here tastes really good.

So if you ever travel to the vast wastelands of the USA and find yourself in Devils Lake, North Dakota, stay at the Holiday Inn Express. It's new, the rooms are pretty nice (we have a suite), there is free breakfast, and the coffee is good. If you are here in the summer, fish for walleyes and northern pike, or..... you can stand outside and look at the wheat fields and swat mosquitoes.  If you are here in the winter, fish for walleyes and northern pike, or just look at the vast wastelands of snow. Or you can stand outside and freeze. Your choice. It is really no coincidence that this state is under populated. 

Do you know what the best thing that ever came out of North Dakota is? I was going to say, I-94, but it is really Audrey Speed, Rana Woodhull, Amy Kesic, and Sonia Sell. Almost got myself into trouble there. Besides, I-29 also comes out of North Dakota. 

So, I sit here by the fireplace drinking coffee and blogging. But, of course, they forgot to turn the fireplace on. But the Christmas tree is lit.... now. And the TV is on telling us about Obama in Hawaii and he took his kids to Dolphin Land, or something like that. Presidents shouldn't be allowed to have children because now we have to hear about their every move for at least the next four years. Somehow, we are all supposed to care, or be excited about their every move, sneeze, or cough. I mean, they may all be nice people, but please spare me the boredom. And by the way, the coffee here is 100% Colombian Roast. 

So more about our trip, over, yet, another cup of coffee. The first day from Denver to Rapid City, SD, the weather was perfect. 389 miles out of the way. A nice, easy, lonesome drive. Yesterday started with icy highways, then snow, then wind, then both. 40 mph side winds and head winds. The roads were mostly dry until we got on highway 281. The winds had gone down, but fog was setting in and the roads were invisibly icing up. Besides our little incident, we went past another car in the ditch. The police were stopping traffic while the guy was trying to get out of the ditch with a snow shovel. If I was a betting man.... he didn't get out with his snow shovel. The ditch wasn't very deep, but he was a long ways from the road. If I had a winch, I would have offered to pull him out for free. Listen, these people have no money, at least for the most part.

While, I am still enjoying my coffee, I want to thank everyone for the nice Christmas gifts that I received this year. This has been one of  the most enjoyable Christmases for me ever. Thanks to my daughter Amy and her husband Nik who hosted this year. Thanks to my wife for the saw blades. Thanks to my grand kids for the home made Christmas cards, the ornaments, the key cover. Thanks to Nik and Amy for the coffee press, coffees, biscotti, and truffles. Thanks to my daughter, Sonia, for the the calendar. Thanks to the Woodhulls for the embroidered pillow cases. Somehow, I feel that I am missing someone (shame on me). Oh, and, by the way, Audrey also got me a contractor's calculator, and a book, which I am reading on vacation. All wonderful gifts from wonderful people. 

Well, I'll talk to you tomorrow at coffee time.

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Rana said...

What a scary experience! And the crazy thing is, is that about 2 weeks ago, I had a dream about Tori, Grandpa, and I taking a trip in a car that turned into the Sequoa that turned over, then turned into bikes. Weird. I'm glad you are safe. I would have freaked out and become hysterical.