Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Done Shopping

I have been asked numerous times whether I was ready for Christmas, and every time I have said, "Yes, all the presents are bought and wrapped." And each time I have said that I was honest and sincere. And each time my remark was met with surprise. In fact, I talked to one guy today who said that they traditionally wrap their gifts on Christmas Eve

But the real truth is, today is Christmas Eve, and I had to go out and buy yet, a couple more gifts. I thought we were finished once and for all five or six times, and then remembered someone else, or a new situation came up, and we had to buy, yet, one or two more gifts. Crazy, isn't it?

But now, we are finally ready for Christmas. All I have to do is load the gifts into the Sequoia and haul them off to my daughter's place where we will open them tonight. That is, the grand kids will open gifts, open gifts, and open more gifts. There we will enjoy Christmas Eve dinner and enjoy the fellowship of our daughter, son-in-law, three of our grandchildren and two of our step grandchildren. 

And what will we be doing Christmas Day? Driving. enjoying the scenery of Wyoming and South Dakota. Audrey and I will celebrate Christmas Night at the Fairfield Inn at Rapid City, South Dakota. The next evening we will be at the Holiday Inn at Devils Lake, North Dakota. There's just something wrong about celebrating the Christmas season at "Devils Lake." Anyway, that is where we will be. We'll see Audrey's mother, two of her sisters, and other assorted family members

And guess what? we get to celebrate New Years Day on the road, too. That might be better than thinking that we should do something special on New Years Day, and not knowing what, or sitting around the house with cabin fever.

Our prayer is that it does not snow while we are on the road. But we are driving the gas guzzling 4WD just in case. In the end we might be thanking God for gas guzzlers such as that. In this case the 4WD guzzler might be the real "smart car."

I know it will be gas station coffee on the road. It will help me to appreciate Starbucks and other such even more.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year everyone!

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