Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hello Again

Yes, It's been a while since I've written anything. Aw shucks, huh? Well it's mostly because I didn't have anything worthy of writing. Well, I did, but just didn't get around to writing it basically because I was of the wrong frame of mind. I missed blogging, but, hey, I'm back.

I really don't know what direction my blog will take from here but I am afraid that my irony may show through. Hey, folks, that's just me. I'm not asking you to like me..... or my blogs. It's not my intention to make enemies.... or friends on this site. If you don't go to my funeral, well that's okay, too. I will never know. I'll let you off the hook now.

When I started this blog two days ago I thought I had something worthy to write about, but I got distracted and now I have forgotten. It couldn't have been too important. I'm sure none of you are like me, though.

Anyway, I'm happy that summer is on its way! When I first moved to Colorado I thought they forgot to have winter here. But now I'm spoiled and glad that this winter is finally coming to an end. If I was a skier I might think otherwise. I didn't buy my snow blower to actually blow snow, I got it to scare the snow away. I knew if I made that expensive investment I would probable never have to use it.... which is okay with me. Basically, the only reason it snows in Denver is so the car washes can have some business and to make you late for work.

Oh, did I mention the wildfires we're having? A couple of them are roaring now and it is only March. These are at Left Hand Canyon and at Golden. High winds are fanning the flames today. I hope no homes are destroyed.

Well, I've had my Starbucks and its time to go.

Have a great day!

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