Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Friends to the Homeless

There are certain places that are friends to the homeless. They are friends whether they choose to be or not. I know. I see what is happening.

In early morning I am often at a McDonald's or a Starbucks. I am one of the first customers in the morning. But almost always when I arrive there is some homeless person already there who has staked out his place where he can be warm and rest. They usually buy a coffee, but not always.
They usually try to find a place out of the sight of the workers so that they are not so noticeable. And they usually stay as long as they dare.

Only once have I seen one of these establishments ask them to leave, and that was with a homeless person that was a little disruptive. They are not allowed to sleep, though some of them do fall asleep. One man that visits my local Starbucks often falls asleep while standing.

The life of the homeless has to be harsh at times. These establishments have made it a little easier for them. These people have learned how to survive.

Pardon me while I drink coffee next to my homeless friend.

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