Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Greatest Preacher

The greatest preacher I have know is.... I don't know his name. Well, yes, I do know Jesus but he is God. I am thinking of someone contemporary and I just met them. Yes, them! Well, I didn't actually meet them, I saw them on TV. I don't know their names..... they are Mennonites. Here is why I think they are the greatest preachers.

I'm sure you all remember Hurricane Katrina that slammed into New Orleans five years ago. Well, the Mennonites have sent hundreds of workers there to help rebuild homes that had been destroyed. Today they are still sending hundreds of workers. They are still rebuilding houses. On the news I saw several women in their skirts installing metal roofs on homes. Drills in hands, bent over they were bent over installing the screws that held the roofs securely.

These servants of Christ might be old fashioned in their dress and in their speech. But their tools were modern and their love of Christ is current. The news reporter asked them their names and they refused to give them. They did not like the attention and the publicity. Their attitude is that they are servants of Christ serving their fellow man in humility. There was none of...."look at me folks! see what I'm doing for Jesus!" They were just simply loving their neighbor in a meaningful and tangible way. And their sermon was strong.

Recipients of their labors of love were impressed. They did not know the names of the people who worked on their homes but they were amazed at their commitment.

I often think of how we build up individuals who do something for God. Even when we do something for God we tend to want to be recognized. This has always bothered me. I believe our true reward will be when we stand before God, Himself and give account of our lives. Of course, He will already know.

I really don't care to hear who did what, who sacrificed this or that, or who gave X amount of money. I do care about what I do, but I don't need it advertised. Recognition makes me uncomfortable. I really want my reward to come from God.

So the greatest preacher I have heard about in recent times is these unnamed Mennonites who are humbly serving the God they love without recognition or fanfare.

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