Tuesday, May 8, 2012

We're Screwed

President Obama is going to lose this election and he knows it. We have not seen the worst of him yet. Over the next several months of his administration he is going to screw our country royally and it could be beyond repair. He has already tried to saddle us with Obama Care, driven us trillions of dollars deeper in debt, created a class warfare, and has ignited the fires of racial warfare. He has also appointed left winged cabinet members who believe in tax and spend, and who are sympathetic to the Muslim Brotherhood, who by no means have the best interests of the United States in mind. He has socialist and Marxist people in his administration. If you really do have any wealth, he really is interested in giving your wealth to the poor and to other nations..... no matter how hard you worked for it. But the worst is yet to come.

It is my opinion based on the things that he has already done, hasn't done, and the people he has appointed that he plans to stick it to the United States. He knows that he is going to lose this next election and so his time is short to do his evil deeds. He not only has hindered U.S. oil and gas exploration in the name of global warming and green energy, but he has promoted oil and gas drilling overseas, which has cost thousands of domestic jobs and has caused our economy to languish. But now, in the next few months, he will sign treaties that will make us share the wealth of our oil reserves with other nations. He not only wants the U.S. to be socialistic but he wants us to be a part of a world socialist system. He would rather have four more years to do this but he now knows that won't happen.

Furthermore, he will bind the United States into arms treaties that will make it against international law if the United States does not first get approval from the U.N. before it goes to war against any nation. Included in this treaty will be the element that the United States must share it's military technology with the rest of the world. Of course, China, the Soviet Union, and terrorist states will fly under the radar. The whole point of this will be to neutralize U.S. military superiority and to make us economically weak. Weaker than we are.

These treaties, once entered into will not be revokable. To back out of them will be an infringement on international law and will subject the president of the United States and other governmental officials to being accused and prosecuted of war crimes. It will make it impossible for the next president to change the status lest he become a war criminal.

Believe me, our world is moving toward a socialistic, if not communistic society. The French elections are an example of this. So is the rebellion in Greece. You will always have the "have nots" want a piece of the "haves" and there will always be someone to champion their cause. The U.S. citizen is like a "sheep being led to the slaughter."  Believe me, a sheep is slaughtered before he ever knows what's going on.

You might not like this blog, and you might think that I am going off the deep end (frankly, I hope I am), but keep your eyes and ears open between now and this coming January. If I am wrong, write me some nasty letters. If I am right, pray for the second coming of Christ because it ain't going to be pretty.

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