Saturday, September 10, 2011

He Was Gary

His name was Gary. We lived in a mall town in northeastern North Dakota. His daughter had attended our vacation Bible school and I went to his house to visit. We had a lengthy conversation and I sensed that Gary was very sad. At one point I asked Gary if he had ever accepted Christ as his personal Savior and received the forgiveness of sins. Tears came to his eyes. Hw said he would like to but he was not yet ready. I pressed him and yet he declined. When I left his house I assured him that I would pray for him and that I would visit him again. This was Saturday night.

Monday morning I went to the hardware store. The clerk asked if I had heard about Gary? My first thought was that he had made a decision for Christ. So I asked the clerk, "what about Gary?" He replied that Gary had rolled his car early that morning on his way to work and that he died at the scene.

I was shocked and in disbelief. But it was true. Gary wasn't ready, but Scriptures say, "today is the day of salvation." Whether we are ready or not.

How about you?

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