Friday, May 6, 2011

Getting Closer!

With recent world events I am convinced that our planet is getting closer to Armageddon. In the Middle East, among Arab nations, there is a real shift taking place. As their revolutions are taking place and some of these nations are overthrowing their governments, the United States has had to choose whose side they are on. We have put pressure on existing governments to give in to the will of the people. This has meant turning our backs on existing Arab governments, who happened to be our allies.

Lest you think I am critical of the Obama administration, I am not. I don't think there was a right or wrong decision as far at the US well being is concerned. Supporting the revolutionaries, who want freedom and democracy is a right decision. However, it has resulted in alienation of existing Arab leaders, who have been our allies. We, must remember that not all of these revolutions will be successful and that will leave us on the wrong side of those who are in power. And, too, some of the revolutions that are successful will not be, in the end, allies of the United States. We already see signs of this happening in Egypt.

It is my opinion, that in the end, we will have very few Arab allies. In large part because of what is mentioned above, but there are other contributing factors as well. Our friendship with Israel is a stumbling block, although it is the right thing to do. Our war on terror is also a stumbling block. Arab nations say they are against terror while they have camps training terrorists. Killing Bin Ladin, their hero in terrorism will cause Arabs to secretly seethe. Pakistan knowingly harbored him while saying they were looking for him.

Last, but most important, in the last times Arab nations will unite against Israel. Those supporting Israel will not be allies of the Arabs. The USA will have a choice to make.

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