Friday, April 22, 2011

Mad at Apple

Most of you who know me know that I like Apple products. I have bragged about them being possibly the best run company that I know of. I still believe that, but now they have done something that concerns me deeply and makes me mad. It might possibly cause me to never buy another Apple product. What did they do? The installation of a tracking device in their iphone that enables them to know my whereabouts at all times. As I understand it, the phone regularly transmits my location back to them. This is supposed to help them with marketing, but I believe that it has much deeper implications.

First of all, it is an invasion of my privacy. I do not believe that they have the right to know where I am at all times, regardless of how badly they want to market to me. I consider my life private so long as I am breaking no laws.

Secondly, this same technology can be used to read your/my computer from a remote place, which means that the police or anybody else with the right technology can sit outside your home and scan your computer and steal your information.... all of this without reasonable cause
or having a warrant. Your financial statements can be read by the guy sitting in the car outside your home. This makes me wonder how secure my financial world really is.

I have heard it said by several people that it doesn't bother them that all this information is readily available to the police because they know they are breaking no laws. So, just don't break any laws and you are okay. Not so fast. If the police can obtain this information, so can others. Beside, I resent the idea that the police can look over my shoulder in the cyber world without a probable cause that I may have committed a crime.

Have you ever read Tim LaHay's series of books, LEFT BEHIND? This is fiction based on scripture about those who were left behind at the rapture of the church. With today's technology in focus, I believe that these books would be much different. These books present the idea that those left behind, who now want to be Christians, can hide from authorities, fly around the country, drive around, organize and have secret churches, etc. Not if they have an Iphone, have a MacBook, or and Android. These devices are just like GPS units and will lead the authorities right to you.... fast. You won't be able to buy or sell without scanning your own personal bar code. Cameras along the highways, in super markets, super market parking lots, and many other locations will betray your location. Sorry folks, at that time it will be a police state.

We are being led along like a bunch of lambs without our knowledge. The Bible says, "like sheep to the slaughter." In fact, we, society as a whole, is embracing this concept because we like all the electronic gadgets that will eventually betray us. You can think I am a nut if you want to, but watch how things will unfold over the next several years.... if there is a next several years.

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