Friday, October 29, 2010

What is the Measure of Your Love?

I always thought a mite was some tiny bug that would bite me. In Scripture it is a tiny amount of money. Jesus said of the widow who gave the two mites, "she gave more than all the others."

What we give is relative to what we have. Giving out of our abundance is no sacrifice at all. giving out of our need is some sacrifice. But giving all that we have is total sacrifice.

Perhaps sacrifice is the true measure of our love. The widow loved God so much that she gave all she had. Abraham loved and honored God so much that he was willing to sacrifice his son. Then, of course, God did sacrifice his Son.

Guaranteed, His love for us is greater than our love for Him. About the time I feel pretty pious because of a good offering I have given or some way I have served God, I am reminded of this widow, who, perhaps sacrificed the food on her table to give an offering to God.

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