Monday, September 13, 2010

The Man In White

The man in white had been chased away many times.... but he always returned. I came upon him by chance.... or was it Providence? I was now sitting near a Starbucks while enjoying a Starbucks and some of the most beautiful music I have ever heard. I was not alone. My wife, Audrey, was sitting next to me and others also sat along the concrete steps looking, listening, and meditating with their own souls. The young lady sitting next to me had tears in her eyes. She said it was the most beautiful music she has ever heard.

The man in white had been in prison. No, not as a prisoner or an inmate..... but as a chaplain. His white suit contrasted with his black skin. His instruments, which were many, were lined up along where he had erected his stand and set up his amplifier and speakers. His sax music was the quality of Kenny G's. His versatility was that of Elvis Presley, and his voice was golden. His heart was pure and his mission was to tell us of Jesus Christ. His boldness put him at the corner and the crowd kept him there. And Providence brought us all the way from Denver to Seattle so this man could leave a lasting impression on my life.

There was no admission to see this guy. The crowd didn't just come an go, but rather it kept building. He played and sang for hours. People sat for hours. Some smiled, some applauded, some sipped their coffee, others wept. This plaza had become a sanctuary, a place where the Spirit of God invaded your soul.

At the end, the man in white gave his testimony.... told of his work.... told of rejection.... told of perseverance. I don't know his name and probably never will. But I will never forget him. He is one of my heros.

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