Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Boycott, Boycott! Folks any one can boycott anyone or anything for any reason. That doesn't mean that it's always the right thing to do. Arizona is now getting boycotted by several places for their newly adopted immigration law. Notwithstanding that the law mirrors Federal law and is the correct thing to do. The City of Boulder Colorado is boycotting Arizona and so is the City of Los Angeles. I think Arizona will count the cost and stand by their guns.

Arizona has a large border with Mexico where Mexican workers seem to think they can come and go at will. They are here working illegally, not paying taxes, and straining Arizona's health care and social services systems. They are getting a free ride while legal immigrants and American citizens are footing the bill through the taxes they pay, and the jobs they are losing to the illegals.

I think Arizona should put the illegals on trucks and ship them to LA and Boulder, and other such places and let them pay the expenses for these illegals. It's easy to bitch about Arizona's immigration law when you are several hundred miles away and don't have to deal with their problems, but it is another thing when they are in your own back yard, taking your job, and stressing your welfare system.

Do these politicians have no shame, or do they have no brain? Actually, they do have a brain but have no shame. Their re-election depends on catering to the illegals and those who receive welfare. Figure it out, only 50 percent of Americans are net tax payers, which means the other 50 percent are net tax receivers. The leaches of this country generally vote for democrats. Thus the boycotts. These politicians have to show their welfare recipients that they are earning their keep.

But let's think about this realistically. There are hundreds of thousands of others who would like to immigrate to this country from Europe, the middle east, the far east, Africa, and so on. It is very difficult for them to immigrate here. They make the proper applications, undergo a background check, have to be interviewed, and have to have a very good reason to immigrate here. But with our Mexican neighbors it seems that none of this is required. They don't even have to register, although they are here illegally. I don't think it is too much to ask for them to come into our country through the proper system. Why are we punishing Arizona for enforcing a law that mirrors Federal law? I think it boils down to this: votes. Ya, I know that you are supposed to be a US citizen to vote. But I'm not stupid enough to believe that it actually works that way.

One of my favorite cities in the US is San Diego. But I am boycotting San Diego until this California city puts enough pressure on LA to lift their boycott of Arizona. I know it doesn't mean much, but, hey! as long as we are in the boycotting mood. Also, I don't think I will do business in the Republic of Boulder, either.

Now, after reading the above you may think that I am against Mexicans coming into this country. Actually, I'm not. I'm all for it. Let's just make sure they are here legally, and when they work, they pay taxes also.

Enjoy your Starbucks folks!

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larsan said...

The same exact thing down here in Texas where we're living. We're only 4 miles from the border, so you can imagine that we are in the minority populations wise. And yes, lots of illegals. Other countries don't do it - why do we?